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Rite now


Spring gets underway in a brief flurry of activity,

First off…

“Quiet, You!” on Tuesday 21st March where Linda Kemp and me delve into an array of sensory musics by Jennifer Walshe, Claudia Molitor, Alvin Lucier, Alison Knowles, Sarah Hughes, Robert Ashley, and Ryoko Akama at one of Sheffield’s best bookshops, La Biblioteka.

Then on Monday 27th March it’s time to compete against the jiggering downstairs with the redoubtable Notes & Sounds crew at the Red Deer. I’ll do a solo strings set supporting the guitar duo of John Jasnoch & Will Goddard.

On Saturday 1st April, Simon Reynell of Another Timbre fame hosts an evening with Patrick Farmer, David Lacey & Samuel Rodgers, with me in support. I’ll likely do a new piece, pelzigen mietvertrag.

At the end of March comes a new issue of Route 57, Sheffield University’s journal for creative writing which will include a short selection from out-of-doors suite and a new piece, library music.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a spot of omoplate sarangi from last month’s gig supporting Tim Barnes & Jeph Jerman, and Blue Yodel – stellar sets from them (not featured here) and fine company too.

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mon se taire truc presents: “Quiet, You!”1

An opera for pencils, an installation for mouths, curious tall tales, footwear obsession.
An evening of Experimental music and words by among others, Robert ASHLEY,
Alison KNOWLES and younger generations such as Ryoko AKAMA, Sarah HUGHES,
Claudia MOLITOR and Jennifer WALSHE, as performed by Stephen Chase and Linda Kemp.
Tuesday 21st March
To include…
songs from celestial excursions
event score #6
limits of the diaphane
10 mouth installations
dirty white fields
twenty-five questions to the board (redacted)
opera with objects
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23 Feb: Barnes & Jerman

mon se taire truc presents

Tim Barnes & Jeph Jerman

Blue Yodel

Thursday 23rd February

Shakespeare’s, S3 8UA

“Across a dozen years, the duo of Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes has offered powerful, minimal music rooted in a shared dedication to the creative act of listening. Jerman is a veteran of the creative music scenes in Denver and Seattle, and in more recent years has been thoroughly investigating the sonic possibilities of the desert Southwest where he lives and works. Tim Barnes’s resume as a percussionist, engineer, and curator is studded with all-star collaborators including Tony Conrad, Sonic Youth, Ken Vandermark, Royal Trux and Tower Records” (Confront Recordings).

Blue Yodel is the solo vocals and noise project of Fiona Kennedy, one part of the much-missed Hunter Gracchus, and one half of the much-loved Singing Knives Records.



more to be confirmed…

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bhfómhar na bliana


This Autumn is afeet with planning for future events but to begin with are three gigs:

Saturday 13th September sees the return of weirdos Freaking Glamorous Teapot at the Three Cranes as part of this organised by Mr Poot.

On Thursday 20th October I’ll do a set supporting artist Claire Potter as part of Enjoy Your Homes‘s series at Bank Street Arts. Much of the series is derived in some way from texts of various kinds. I’m not sure what I will do yet, perhaps a piece of mine and a piece by someone else (vote now!).

…and on Wednesday 2nd November mumei publishing presents: ‘small sound / small occurrence’ with performances from Miki YuiRyoko Akama, and me at Access Space.

Also, in the world of letters, recently published is Perspectives on the Music of Christopher Fox: Straight Lines in Broken Times edited by Rose Dodd and featuring a stellar array of musicologists, performers and composers writing on everyone’s favourite vulpine composer. I have contributed a chapter on the matter of style in Fox’s music.*

Another publication released last month is Jennie Gottschalk’s Experimental Music Since 1970 which brings an original slant to the definition of what experimental music is and briefly discusses my out-of-doors suite

More to follow, but that’s all for now…

(*Also, Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff, which I co-edited with Philip Thomas is now out in paperback – hurrah!)

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Der Prozess (musik und/als)

(pic by Patrick Shen)

These last few days in Sheffield has seen the return of the annual Doc Fest at which Patrick Shen’s exploration of quietude and noise In Pursuit of Silence was given its UK premiere preceded, as it has been elsewhere, by a performance of 4’33” (by me in this instance). As I found, the piece still has the power to inspire a gamut of responses from humour to concentrated listening to irritation…

Next up, at the start of July I am taking part in Music and/as Process where I’ll be exploring some more pieces from out-of-doors suite in the Austen-esque surroundings of Bath Spa University.