8. I am, a stride at a time

Signatures of all things I am here to read (in progress) person/people in an environment

limits of the diaphane (2017- ) various participatory pieces for people with objects

ear syrinxing (2011)

hot shoe (2011)

for leonora carrington (2017) audience and performer. Premiere: ‘Quiet You TWO’, 26-v-17, La Biblioteka, Sheffield. [SCORE]

chinwag mit ludwig (2017)

listening with ludwig (2017)

I am getting on nicely in the dark (2016) for performer with audience of one. For WROUGHT festival, 15-17-iv-2016, Sheffield.

out-of-doors suite (2012- ) book of ca. 50 walking and other pieces. Premiered and exhibited in parts and through various stages in Sheffield, The Hague, Bologna, Leeds, Huddersfield, Bath, London, Hull. [LISTEN 1] [SCORES]:

gaited commune, the wind will take us, Hánghǎi jiā, Whistle while you walk, Bounder, Gravity Phases, katajjaq akkulaitok, Voigt-Kampff Walk, Plane, Bob, Wander, Airs, 39 steps, Caravan Wave, Caravan (rising), Caravan Cascade, Walkie, Talkie, re-call-re-frain, Preamble, Another Johnny Cash Machine, BIRDCALLS, ringing singing cycling, points on the curve, the drifters, lights out for the territory, BEAMING, tutti / alla deriva / nello spazio, Spring Waves, Cross purposes II, Cross purposes, Два бубњара бубњање, Rumour tunes, wandeling buurt van water musiek, pulse-in-time-to-pace-of-walking, tuning call 2, humming & walking, ella…, phoning it in, Yodel Walk, tuning call 1, Weather Report, Weather Report 2, Skyline Music, instep, Fred & Ginger Piece, Taking a walk for a line, Resound, piece-in-time-to-pace-of-walking, (tunnel walk), RAYUELA, Walk Now Man, La-la-la walk, humming piece, Cream Tart, Running & Whistling, the thinking of the tympanic.

A gate, if not a door (2011-) text-sculpture-sound materials for an installation. Première: contribution to ‘Quadrophonic’ group exhibition with Ian Baxter, David Devaney and Ross Parfitt, 24-v to 18-vi-11, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

Ineluctable (2009) text piece. Première: (version for performer and audience) 25-vi-2010, Premier Inn goods entrance, Bank Street, Sheffield; exhibited Noise and Whispers Nov/Dec 2013, GV Art, London. [SCORE]