hic sunt dracones

EXPEDITION (2012- ) opera (walks/installations/performances). Part 1 premiered in 5 stages across Sheffield and at Bank St Arts between December 2012 and June 2013

Part 1

  • Ibn Fadlan meets the Vikings (December 2012) walk-installation-performance. Première: walk 1-xii-12, Bagdad to Volga River/Bank St to Burngreave Cemetery; performance Charlie Collins, John Jasnoch, Peter White, Stephen Chase, audience, 7-xii-12, Bank Street Arts.
  • Zheng He sails the Western Oceans (February 2013) walk-installation-performance. Première: walk 26-i-13, /Bank St to Mushroom Lane; performance Mick Beck, Stephen Chase, 1-ii-13, Bank Street Arts.
  • Stanley meets Livingstone (March 2013) walk-installation-performance. Première: walk 2-iii-13,  to Ujiji/Bank St to Bole Hill Rec; performance Acid Police Noise Ensemble, Stephen Chase, 8-iii-13, Bank Street Arts.
  • Humboldt ventures in the Equinoctial Regions (April 2013) walk-installation-performance. Première: walk 6-iv-13, La Coruna to the source of the Orinoco/Bank St to Hickmott Rd; performance Nathan Bettany, Scott McLaughlin, Stephen Chase, audience, 12-iv-13, Bank Street Arts.
  • On sledge and horseback to outcast Siberian lepers (May 2013) walk-installation-performance. Première: walk 18-v-13, St Petersburg to Siberia/Bank St to Darnall Train Station tunnel; performance Nathan Bettany, Jon Collin, Luke Poot, Fiona Kennedy, Stephen Chase, 24-v-13, Bank Street Arts.


  • A journey around my room (2016) chamber music (installation & performance). Première: Participatory exhibition/installation 25 May to 4 June 2016, and performance: Two separate responses to the theme/material by Ryoko Akama and Stephen Chase, 4-vi-16, Bank St Arts, Sheffield.

Part 2

  • On leaving Lizard Point (in progress)
  • Elephanti ab alpen (in progress)
  • A plan to girdle the earth (in progress)

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