5. Miscellany


‘about’ by Stefan Thut (elsewhere 005, 2018) with Ryoko Akama, Eleanor Cully, Patrick Farmer, Stefan Thut, lo wie

Blueprint by Linda Kemp (enjoy your homes press, 2018) with Linda Kemp

piggle – calm stresses at aural cusp (enjoy your homes press, 2017)

Dream Recall (Winebox Press 27, 2016) 4 rethinkings of the Jon Collin track including Totalled Recall by me (other versions by Ross Parfitt, Kelly Jayne Jones and Irma Vep).

Exaudi – Exposure (HCR (NMC) HCR06CD, 2013) – featuring pieces from Jandl Songs, and music by Joanna Bailie, Aaron Cassidy, Richard Glover, Bryn Harrison, Claudia Molitor, James Weeks.

Papal Bull – In Ceres A Pig With Human Hands And Feet Was Born (Chocolate Monk cdr choc.253, 2013), bit of erhu on the last track amidst the maelstrom from Marshall & Murray. 

James Saunders – divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole (another timbre, at44, 2011) solo guitar/melodica/radio on although it may appear to vary by the way in which units are joined.

Michael Pisaro – fields have ears (another timbre, at37, 2010) as part of edges ensemble with Philip Thomas, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes and Dominic Lash on fields have ears 4.

Earle Brown – Graphic Scores from Folios 1 and 2 (CoMA, 1999) guitar with CoMA Yorkshire directed by Earle Brown.

Cornelius Cardew – Treatise (CoMA, 1998) guitar with CoMA Yorkshire directed by John Tilbury.


‘Thoughts on the Forbidden Room’ Now Then 107 (Short article. Feb 2017).

‘Christian Wolff’ entry in Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, Routledge (2016).

‘Style Matters: Getting Foxy with Igor’ in (ed.) R. Dodd, Perspectives on the Music of Christopher Fox: Straight Lines in Broken TimesRoutledge (2016).

‘Brevis Encounter’ blog for Sound and Music on Druskinkai Artists’ Residency (Short article. 2015).

Catalogue notes on Quatuor by Bruno Guastalla, Matthew Tyson and Chales Gledhill, and XXXX Words by Michael Morley for “Books that trees would be proud of” exhibition at Western Bank Library, University of Sheffield (Short article. 2015).

Book review article of “Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation” by Elaine Gould. Fontes Artis Musicae 59(4): 395-96; International Association of Music Libraries (Review. 2012).

[Stiven Čejs] ‘Plumaserija: o pisanju muzike na reči Danila Kiša’ (‘Plumaserija: on setting words by Danilo Kis’) in Danilo Kiš (1935-2005): Između Poetike i Politike [Between Poetics and Politics] eds. M. Miočinović, V. Tupanjcem, A. Savanović; Beograd: Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju (Short article. 2011).

Co-edited with P. Thomas, Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff, Ashgate Publishing (Chapter: ‘”There is always a time”: words, music, politics and voice’.  2010).

Book review article of “Music Downtown: Writings from the Village Voice” by Kyle Gann. Popular Music 26(3): 521-23 (Review. 2007).

Improvised Experimental Music and the Construction of a Collaborative Aesthetic (PhD thesis, University of Sheffield, 2007).

‘Real, Illusionary, or Imagined? Benedict Mason’s Outside Sight Unseen and Opened‘ SPNM New Notes, (Short article. September 2006).

‘Ordinary Matters: Christian Wolff on his recent music’ with C. Gresser, Tempo 58 (229): 19-27 (Interview, 2004).



16-v-2018: trio with Linda Kemp and Nathan Bettany performing Signatures of all things I am here to read (pocket version), banjolely and en medias res, BBC Radio 3 ‘Exposure’, Picture House Social. [BBC]

29-iii-2018: duo with Taku Sugimoto performing his piece, h. Over-the-Top, Sheffield (+ Taku, Minami Saeki, Ecka Mordecai, Ryoko Akama quartet, and EM solo). [Another Timbre]

15-ii-2018: duo with Mr Luke Poot, supporting Star Turbine, Yol, Spandril, Sheffield. [Honkeyzontal Picnic]

10-ii-2018: The Patient by Joseph Clayton Mills (with Felicity Rose Barrow, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, David Lacey, Samuel Rodgers, David Stent), Oxford. [SARU]

20-1-2018: Blueprint by Linda Kemp (duo performance with LK), supporting Diatribes, Heeley Institute. [mon se taire truc]

14-x-2017: Interludes with Linda Kemp and audience at No Bounds Festival (Caravan (rising), mes kopiame aukstyn/Skyline Music, Ineluctable and Beaming), Sheffield General Cemetery. [No Bounds]

12-x-2017: Antoine Beuger’s of being numerous with Patrick Farmer, Linda Kemp, Samuel Rogers & Felicity Rose Barrow, Lawrence Dunn, Dinah Ward, supporting Jason Kahn & Christian Wolfarth duo, Access Space. [AME]

16-vii-2017: duo with Mick Beck (supporting Jasnoch/Simpson/Coates, Over-the-Top, Sheffield. []

26-v-2017: Quiet You TWO – pieces by G Douglas Barrett (A few silence), Angharad Davies (Cofnod Pen Bore), Michael Parsons (Pentachordal Melody), Ryoko Akama (Grade Two), Alvin Lucier (Heavier than air), Mieko Shiomi (boundary music), me (ukleelele and for leonora carrington), performed with Linda Kemp and Nathan Bettany, La Biblioteka. [mon se taire truc]

8-v-2017: trio with Ryoko Akama and Patrick Farmer performing Joseph Clayton Mills’ Pieces for Strings, supporting Isaiah Ceccarelli & Katelyn Clark, Shakespeare’s, Sheffield. [Another Timbre]

2-v-2017: janet devons (with Jon Marshall & Ben Nash), supporting Glorias Navales, and Sophie Cooper, CADS, Sheffield. [CADS]

1-iv-17: solo (pelzigen mietvertrag for alessandro alessandrini) supporting Patrick Farmer, David Lacey and Samuel Rodgers, S11. [Another Timbre]

27-iii-2017: solo + trio supporting John Jasnoch & Will Goddard, Notes & Sounds, Red Deer. [Notes & Sounds]

21-iii-2017: “Quiet, You!”1. Pieces by Robert Ashley (from Celestial Excursions), Claudia Molitor (10 Mouth Installations), Jennifer Walshe (dirty white fields), Sarah Hughes (Twenty-five questions to The Board [redacted]), Ryoko Akama (con.de.structuring), Alison Knowles (#6 Shoes of your choice), Alvin Lucier (opera with objects), me (Ineluctable). performed with Linda Kemp at La Biblioteka. [mon se taire truc]

23-ii-2017: omoplate sarangi supporting Tim Barnes & Jeph Jerman, and Blue Yodel at Shakespeare’s Sheffield (mon se taire truc). [mon se taire truc]

3-xi-2016: reeds & strings duo with Nathan Bettany, supporting Hans Peter Hiby, Michael Bardon and Paul Hession. Over-the-Top. [Notes & Sounds]

2-xi-2016: duo with Ryoko Akama, supporting Miki Yui, Access Space, Sheffield. [AME]

20-x-2016: can’t say & No piso el pasto verde, supporting Claire Potter, Bank St Arts. [either or &]

26-ix-2016: duos & trios at Jasnoch & Ashworth’s Hootenanny, Red Deer, Sheffield. [Notes & Sounds]

17-ix-2016: Freaking Glamorous Teapot, supporting Dimension Creature and TurdPoot duo, Three Cranes, Sheffield.

27-viii-2016: Poot & [Chase], supporting Yol & Pete, Three Cranes, Sheffield.

12-viii-2016: piggle, supporting Maya Dunietz & Tom White, Pascal Nichols, Luke Poot, Shakespeares, Sheffield. [Singing Knives]

2-vii-2016: pieces from out-of-doors suite with attendees of Music and/as Process, Bath Spa University.

12-vi-2016: my real-time dappled logic wanted to apologise and 4’33”, prelude to ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ (film by Patrick Shen), Sheffield Doc Fest.

4-vi-2016: A journey around my room, two separate responses by Ryoko Akama and Stephen Chase to the exhibition/installation theme (25-v to 4-vi-2016), plus violinspace duo with Linda Kemp, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

11-v-2016: a possible plan to girdle the earth with Nathan Bettany, supporting Rishin Singh, Over-the-Top, Sheffield. [Bending Boundaries festival]

15 to 17-iv-2016: I am getting on nicely in the dark, 19 performances for solo audiences, Wrought Festival, Sheffield.

5-xii-2015: Parsonage Maloti with Giblet Gusset, EYHP and Yol, Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield.

23-xi-2015: pieces from out-of-doors suite with attendees at hcmf, Huddersfield.

16-x-2015: trio with Mick Beck and Geoff Bright, quartet with Nicola L. Hein, MB and GB, Over-the-Top, Sheffield.

22-viii-2015: solo set, supporting Audrey Chen, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, and Hallat/Piercy, Wharf Chambers, Leeds.

28-v-2015: piggle feat. Walt Shaw, Portland Works Cutlery Fair.

30-v-2015: pieces from out-of-doors suite with attendees at ‘Sound; Space; Play’, University of Leeds campus.

24-iv-2015: trio with Axel Dörner & Jon Marshall, supporting Axel Dörner, Roger Turner & Dominic Lash trio, and Angela Rosenfeld + Murray Royston-Ward, Photographic Studio Portland Works. [Another Timbre]

10-iv-2015: music by Joseph Kudirka (ravens, rooks & crows, untitled, music box piece) & Craig Shepard  (Sheepshead Bay May 20, 2012, from On Foot: Brooklyn), with Joseph Kudirka, Richard Glover, Philip Thomas, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

26-ii-2015: Coastguard All Stars, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

25-ii-2015: piggle feat. Alan Halsey playing from Prose Collection, opening of ‘Books that trees would be proud of’, Western Bank Library.

21-ii-2015: omoplate sarangi, Furniture Makers (supporting Posset, Papal Bull, Murray Royston-Ward, Yol, PootPossetYol).

20-xii-2014: Mooing Palaestra, Pootfest, Audacious Art Experiment. (Supporting U Boat, Chastity Potatoe/Joincey/Joyce Whitchurch, Yol & Pete Cannand Blue Yodel/Roman Nose.)

17-x-2014: duo with Nathan Bettany (supporting Mick Beck & Adam Woolf), Over-the-Top.

1-x-2014: Mooing Palaestra (supporting Crank Sturgeon, Poot and the lads), Rutland Arms.

26-vii-2014: quartet with Mick Beck, Sarah McWatt and Nathan Bettany, Optophonic Workshop, Tramlines Fringe Festival, Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield.

21-vii-14: Freaking Glamorous Teapot, Cafe #9, Netheredge.

18-vii-14: Piggle at Paul Dearden’s exhibition, Gage Gallery, KIAC.

3-vii-14: omoplate sarangi, supporting Usurper, Joyce Whitchurch, and Lovely Honkey, Rutland Arms.

28-vi-14: duo with EnjoYourHomes Press, Bank Street Arts.

18-v-14: duo with Ross Parfitt, Rutland Arms, supporting Papal Bull, THF Drenching, Posset, Roman Nose, Enjoyourhomes, Blue Yodel & Lovely Honkey.

28-iv-14: Freaking Glamorous Teapot, Carver St car park to Bank St Arts, Sheffield (supporting Phil Minton & Luke Poot, Charlie Collins & John Jasnoch, Dave Birchall, Poormouth).

1-iii-14: Coastguard All Stars, Over-the-Top.

18-xi-13: rotaplane amigos (Bettany, Poot, Chase), hcmf, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield. “Audacious, screeching processed oboe jarred against Luke Poot’s distorted vocal, creating an intense and unpredictable sound-world.” The Leeds Student
“…an inspiringly batshit-crazy noise set from the pot-smoking trio (don’t deny it, fellas, we could all smell it), rotaplane amigos, who played their assortment of amplified instruments knelt on the ground like three sociopathic, drugged-up monkeys.” theartsdesk.com

9-ix-13: edges & set ensembles with Greg Stuart, David Lacey and Sam Rogers, Bloc Space, Sheffield. Music by Ryoko Akama, Tom Holman-Sheard, Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Gerhard Staebler and  Christian Wolff.

17-viii-13: Piggle (Linda Kemp, Nathan Bettany, me), CADs wAVelab, Sheffield. plus sets from Lovely Honkey and Blue Yodel.

27-vi-13: duo with Mick Beck, quintet with Le Quan Ninh, Ryoko Akama, Philip Thomas and Mick Beck, Over the Top, Sheffield.

24-vi-13: Husk, The Red Deer.

24-v-13: “On sledge & horseback to outcast Siberian lepers”, Jon Collin (gtr&whistle), Nathan Bettany (oboe&c.), Fiona Kennedy & Luke Poot (the bears), me (erhu, lights, darkness, &c.) , Bank Street Arts. With guest spot by Jon Collin.

26-iv-13: with Papal Bull, Furniture Makers, Sheffield, supporting With Lumps, Posset, Spandril.

12-iv-13: “Humboldt ventures in the Equinoctial Regions”, with Nathan Bettany, Scott McLaughlin, Bank Street Arts. With guest spot from Scott McLauglin performing his Resonant Systems.

9-iii-13: Duo with Gwilly Edmondez, quartet with Gwilly, Noid and Mick Beck, Over-the-Top, Sheffield.

8-iii-13: “Stanley meets Livingstone”, with Acid Police Noise Ensemble, Bank Street Arts. Guest spot from Acid Police Noice Ensemble performing their own music.

25-ii-13: duo with Charlie Collins, and trio with Charlie & Derek Saw, Red Deer.

12-ii-13: omoplate sarangi (solo) plus quartet with THF Drenching, Lovely Honky and Pascal Nichols, Audacious Art Space.

1-ii-13: “Zheng He sails the Western Oceans”, with Mick Beck, Bank Street Arts. Guest spots from Mick Beck, plus Roman Nose/Blue Yodel/Lovely Honkey & audience.

7-xii-12: “Ibn Fadlan meets the Vikings”, with Charlie Collins, John Jasnoch and Peter White, Bank Street Arts. Guest spot from Charlie Collins & John Jasnoch.

25-xi-12: James Tenney’s Swell Pieces 1, 2 and 3, with edges ensemble, hcmf, St Pauls Hall, Huddersfield.

7-xi-12: spaterations (Nathan Bettany (oboe), me (erhu)), Red House. Supporting Al Doum & the Faryds.

13-x-12: murmuration, cafe oto, London. Michael Pisaro’s fields have ears 4, James Saunders’ things whole and not whole, and Manfred Werder’s 9 ausfűhrende.

19-ix-12: Men in Spats (Nathan Bettany (oboe/reeds), Jon Marshall (harmonium), me (erhu)), Red House. Supporting Taco Bells, Mick Beck & Lovely Honkey.

17-vii-12: omoplate sarangi, Red House. Supporting Acrid Lactations & Chastity Potato.

23-vi-12: Trio with Inclusion Principle, Showroom Cinema.

26-iii-12: Husk, Red Deer.

19-i-12: The Gated Community, Lantern Theatre.

3-xii-11: Coastguard All Stars with film by Michael Szpakowski at Showroom Cinema.

28-xi-11: Quartet with Neil Carver, John Jasnoch and Pete White (Husk), Red Deer.

24-ix-11: Film septet with Martin Archer & Herve Perez (saxes/elec), Chris Bywater (elec), Angie Rosenfeld & Sarah Henderson (celli), Johnny Hunter (drums), Neil Carver & me (gtrs) at the Showroom, Sheffield with film by Bo Meson.

14-ix-11: duo with Martin Archer, “The Noise Upstairs”, The Riverside, Sheffield.

5-ix-11: trio with Mick Beck and Martin Archer, Notes & Sounds, The Red Deer Sheffield.

viii-11: all a blur…

29-vii-11: Solo guitar, ‘Singing Knives’ House Party 2′, Sheffield, alongside performances by Jon Collin, Kelly Jones, and Ross Parfitt.

17-vi-11: Quadrophonic closing night – Ross Parfitt’s drums in space piece and No title 3, with Ian Baxter, David Devaney, Ross Parfitt, and audience, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

4-vi-11: Richard Glover’s “La Monte Young’s Compositions 1961” (I can’t remember which one I did), Huddersfield.

26-v-11: Quadrophonic opening night – Ian Baxter’s Playing the Weather 3, with Ian Baxter, David Devaney, Ross Parfitt, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

17-iv-11: Gated Community & Juxtavoices, Magna, Rotherham.

27-iii-11: Martin Archer film septet: with films by Harlow collective & Jez riley French, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. [Martin Archer & Chris Bywater (electronics); Sara Henderson & Angie Rosenfeld (cellos); Johnny Hunter (drums); Neil Carver & Me (guitars & things)]

15-iii-11: Coastguard All Stars, live recording, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

14-25 February 2011: 1730hrs events with Ross Parfitt, Sheffield City Centre.

11-xii-10: “I have nothing to say and I am saying it”, members & associates of Ensemble Zwischentöne with Otto Beck’s Orchester für Direkte Demokratie (megaphones), Schlossplatz, Berlin.

5-xii-10: assisting Ross Parfitt’s performance (reed organ with taped keys & CD), me (concertina), Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

23-x-10: Coastguard All Stars, Holy Trinity, Hull.

3-x-10: Coastguard All Stars, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

23-vi-10: Bank Street Arts Residency: “rise and go” installation & “Inside/Outside” concert with Ross Parfitt, Ben Isaacs and Johnny Herbert [music by me, Barrett, Lely, Lucier, Parfitt, Parsons, Werder], Sheffield.

11-vi-10: Painting the Music – spontaneous event with painter Mark Rowan-Hull and poet Angelina Ayers, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

24-v-10: The Gated Community, The Lescar, Sheffield.

19-v-10: Bank Street Arts Residency: “rise and go” installation & “I am a strange loop” concert with Ross Parfitt, Joe Kudirka, Jon Collin, Jon Marshall, James Green and John Lely [music by me, Johnson, Kim-Cohen, Lely, Parfitt], Sheffield.

15-v-10: ‘Sol le Witt books exhibition’ (premiere of John Lely’s Four Reed Organs, with John Lely, Philip Thomas, Ross Parfitt (reed organs)), SiteGallery, Sheffield.

8-v-10: ‘Sol le Witt books exhibition’ (solo performance of although it may appear to vary by the way in which units are joined by James Saunders), SiteGallery, Sheffield.

21-iv-10: Bank Street Arts Residency: “rise and go” installation & “Quiet, You!” concert with Ross Parfitt & Joe Kudirka [music by me, Crane, Frey, Mello, Parsons, Pisaro, Saunders, Walshe, Weeks], Sheffield.

17-iv-10: Herve Perez’s ‘Resonarium’ (durational performance & concert with Heddy Boubaker, Martin Archer, Walt Shaw, Gill Whiteley, Geoff Bright, Herve Perez), Bank Street, Sheffield.

25-iii-10: Bank Street Arts Residency: “rise and go” installation & “House Music” concert with Ross Parfitt & Philip Thomas [music by me, Ablinger, Lucier, Parkinson, Trunk, Walshe], Sheffield.

30-viii-09: ‘rowf rowf rowf’ festival (guitar & drums duo with Ross Parfitt), Islington Mill, Salford.

1-vii-09: Solo guitar, ‘Music We’d Like to Hear’ [music by  Jennie Gottschalk (WP), Walter Zimmermann, Makiko Nishikaze (UKP), Chico Mello (UKP); plus massed ukulele music with anderson-davies-lely-luck-parkinson-parsons]; and koto music from Makiko Goto.

26-vi-09: duet with Mick Beck (bn/tsx), plus duo with Mike Hurley (pf), and quartet with Mick Beck, Mike Hurley and Paul Hession (drums).

12-ii-09: Solo guitar, Drama Studio, Sheffield [music by Laurence Crane, Howard Skempton, Michael Parsons, Walter Zimmermann, Chase]

16-xii-08: The Ringing Halo [John Jasnoch (bozouki), Bea Ward-Fernandez, (vn), Paul Schatzberger (vn), Angie Rosenfeld (vc), Charlie Collins (per), Neil Carver & me (Spanish guitars)], The Red Deer, Sheffield.

24-xi-08: In a Large Open Space by James Tenney (with Quatuor Bozzini & friends), HCMF, Bates Mill, Huddersfield.

28-vii-08: Pleasure Drenching Improvers & co. Trios with Mick Beck & THF Drenching; and Drenching & Karl D’Silva, The Red Deer, Sheffield.

23-vi-08: duet with Mick Beck (bn/tsx) The Red Deer, Sheffield.

3-iv-08: duo with Mick Beck (bn/tsx), plus quartet with Beck, Stephen Grew (pf), Phil Marks (drums); Over the Top, Sheffield.

8-iii-08: The Gated Community Islington Mill, Salford.

15-xi-07: Damo Suzuki & The Gated Community, Bar Abbey, Sheffield.


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