Momentous news this day of future events…

Two forthcoming happenstances feature things from out-of-doors-suite:

In Hull I’ll run a workshop event with one or two pieces from the book at sound + environment 2017 (runs 30th June to 2nd July);

On 4th June at Dalston’s Cafe Oto Project SpaceLouie Rice & Luciano Maggiore will perform pulse-in-time-to-pace-of-walking.

On 8th May Isaiah Ceccarelli & Katelyn Clark venture to Sheffield’s Shakespeare’s courtesy of Another Timbre, and will be supported by a trio of Ryoko Akama, Patrick Farmer and me.

And on May 2nd Janet Devons (Jon Marshall & I) will emerge blinking and shivering in support of Chilean cult band Glorias Navales, with additional support from Sophie Cooper at Sheffield’s CADS.

Plus more stuff to be added soon.