Rite now


Spring gets underway in a brief flurry of activity,

First off…

“Quiet, You!” on Tuesday 21st March where Linda Kemp and me delve into an array of sensory musics by Jennifer Walshe, Claudia Molitor, Alvin Lucier, Alison Knowles, Sarah Hughes, Robert Ashley, and Ryoko Akama at one of Sheffield’s best bookshops, La Biblioteka.

Then on Monday 27th March it’s time to compete against the jiggering downstairs with the redoubtable Notes & Sounds crew at the Red Deer. I’ll do a solo strings set supporting the guitar duo of John Jasnoch & Will Goddard.

On Saturday 1st April, Simon Reynell of Another Timbre fame hosts an evening with Patrick Farmer, David Lacey & Samuel Rodgers, with me in support. I’ll likely do a new piece, pelzigen mietvertrag.

At the end of March comes a new issue of Route 57, Sheffield University’s journal for creative writing which will include a short selection from out-of-doors suite and a new piece, library music.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a spot of omoplate sarangi from last month’s gig supporting Tim Barnes & Jeph Jerman, and Blue Yodel – stellar sets from them (not featured here) and fine company too.