Bending Boundaries

Plans are moving apace for Bending Boundaries3 evenings of extraordinary and varied 
wonderment organised with Mick Beck at Sheffield’s renowned Over-the-Top:
Weds 11th May
a possible plan to girdle the Earth from me and Nathan Bettany
Thurs 12th May
Fri 13th May
8pm kick offs, £5 (£3) each night or £10 (£6) the lot.

A journey around my room


“Adventure is in the mind of the one who pursues it” Pierre Mac Orlan

In around the year 1790 Xavier de Maistre embarked on an epic journey. A journey in which he never left his room. Confined for 42 days having taken part in a duel he spent his time describing his movements from bed to chair to desk and all points in between…

I would like YOU to send me descriptions/documentation of a journey around your room (be it a bedroom, study, kitchen, etc.). The journey could be documented in any way each person wants (photos, film, sound, writing) and as directly or freely/obliquely/imaginatively as they like. (Your journey need not last 42 days.)

I am interested in everyday tiny details and how in drawing attention to them time and space can open up.

I will assemble the material gathered to construct a new ‘room’ at Bank Street Arts to explore both as an exhibit but also to function as clues for performers to read as a score or map.

The performance will take place at Bank Street Arts and feature the excellent Ryoko Akama.

I hope there will also be some associated talk/discussion on themes relating to the residency: imaginary journeys, rooms/huts/garrets, personal space, confinement, isolation, shelter, property (to be confirmed).

This piece builds on EXPEDITION my previous series at Bank Street Arts based on travels across Siberia/the Amazon/Tanzania/the oceans of South Asia/the Volga (imagined) and across Sheffield (literal).


25th May to 4th June: Installation

Saturday 4th June:  performance featuring Ryoko Akama

Bank Street Arts

Ryoko Akama is a Japanese sound/visual artist/composer. She works with stripped-down electronic sounds and in recent years has largely supplanted the laptop she used in the group the Lappetites (Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, AGF) with homemade devices: housed in the shell of the traditional Japanese string instrument called the shamisen. She also often works closely with figures involved in the Wandelweiser collective, and musicians and artists associated with the Set Ensemble (Sarah Hughes, Patrick Farmer, Angharad Davies, Dominic Lash and co.), and Next to Nothing, “a dazzling trio effort with Bruno Duplant and Dominic Lash that finds exquisite beauty in the most sparse of materials” (Chicago Reader). Her works have been performed and commissioned worldwide and published in the past under the name, Ryo Co. and Ryoko Kuwajima, and has been active as a collaborator on different projects with multidisciplinary artists.