On 5th MarchCoMA Singers give the London premiere of lohengrin for double choir at the CoMA Festival of Music which looks like it will be a rather nifty weekend of events. The piece hasn’t got all that much to do with RW but rather more to do with Ernst Jandl

Beans means…


2016 gets going with a performance of ukelelevent #3 for Alison Knowles by David Pocknee at Wesslich V at the Hundred Years Gallery next Saturday 9th January, alongside performances by Alice Purton and Samuel Stoll of work by Michael Baldwin, Stephen Crowe, Georgy Dorokhov, Fabrice Fitch and Louis d’Heudieres.

Plans continue apace (that is to say a limbering up/strolling pace) working out the logistics for part 2 of my EXPEDITION series and developing a piece for WROUGHT.