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Rayuela, etc. la-la-la…

Pic by Gerald Unwin
Pic by Gerald Unwin

In November I shall make the trek up the road to Huddersfield  for this year’s hcmf. It seems to be fit to burst with good things this year and I’m lucky enough to be taking part. I’ll be performing pieces from my book-of-pieces-in-progress out-of-doors suite on Monday 23rd November which is a day of free events.

The pieces I’ll be doing are things that require minimal explanation and so anyone is welcome to join me in performing them as we move between venues. They’re all pieces where music is derived from the act of walking and/or working with outdoor acoustics.

This is the timetable:

1.50pm St Paul’s Hall to Creative Arts Building Atrium

3.45pm Phipps Hall to St Paul’s Hall

6.04pm Creative Arts Building Atrium to St Paul’s Hall.

See you there perhaps!


One thought on “Rayuela, etc. la-la-la…

  1. Sounds amazing! – It’s been about 20 years since I Iast heard (or in fact I think performed) one of your pieces in the Delapre Studio? I can’t get to Huddersfield, but get in touch – much to talk about! Alex Maden

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