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My amis viz


So it’s September and plans are afoot… but first:

Composer/artist Robert Blatt has started an experimental music ensemble in Miami, and in just over a week on the 26th he is putting on a performance of various pieces with David Pocknee and Michael Baldwin which call for ad hoc objects and utensils (rather than conventional instruments) by Kosugi, Wolff and others. They’ll be including my Scissors Paper Stone, which, as the title suggests makes use of these implements.

Later, in November, I’ll be heading up the road to Huddersfield to do some pieces from out-of-doors suite at hcmf.

I’ve also been thinking about writing something about composer’s books or the book as a composed object or the various kinds of ways that composers have made use of the book as a medium, and plan to write about it here in the near future…


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