Forthcoming/ongoing attractions

TheatreThese couple of months have been/will be surprisingly active.

Apart from the Montréal jaunt mentioned in my next but one post I have been working with poet Angelina Ayers, painter Mark Rowan-Hull and writer Erin Soros to see what kind of collaborative piece or way of working might arise. Angelina, Mark and me initially met a few years ago for an improvised performance, however our latest attempt has involved sending materials across the ether (and for Mark somewhat more tangibly) out of which Angelina has assembled an installation piece with the title Correspondences: overstride for unrocked ground which is showing till 28th June as part of Midsummer Poetry Festival at Bank Street Arts.

Also at Bank St and also as part of the closing night of the Poetry fest, on the 28th I’m performing with Enjoyourhomes Press.

Then on 3rd July I enter the bizarre worlds of Edinburgh’s Usurper, Glasgow’s Joyce Whitchurch and Sheffield’s Lovely Honkey, at the Rutland Arms as omoplate sarangi.

Piggle convene for our second ‘official’ gig on 18th July for artist Paul Dearden‘s exhibition  at KIAC

And then… on 26th July the Optophonic Workshop emerges amidst the Tramlines Festival featuring such extraordinary people as Adam Bohman and Sharon Gal amongst several others – I’m very happy to be performing as part of this with Mick Beck, Sarah McWatt and Nathan Bettany.