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set on edge

set edgesOn Monday 9th September there’s to be a launch event at Sheffield’s Bloc Space for Patrick Farmer & David Lacey’s Pictures of Men CD, which will feature musicians clustered around Oxford’s set ensemble (patrick farmer, sarah hughes, dominic lash, etc.) and Huddersfield’s edges (pat allison, ryoko akama, philip thomas, etc.) with whom I’ll be joining in music by Farmer, Lash, Wolff,  Goldstein, Akama and Holman-Sheard.

Most of which is described in this lovely poster, making this blurb of mine entirely redundant, but hey, it should be a spiffing evening – why not come along?


3 thoughts on “set on edge

  1. Really looking forward to this one! Just an annoying pedantic comment to make which is that the Set Ensemble really isn’t Oxford based anymore – a couple of the regular participants live in Oxford, but otherwise it’s Bristol, Nottingham, West Dean, London…

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