set on edge

set edgesOn Monday 9th September there’s to be a launch event at Sheffield’s Bloc Space for Patrick Farmer & David Lacey’s Pictures of Men CD, which will feature musicians clustered around Oxford’s set ensemble (patrick farmer, sarah hughes, dominic lash, etc.) and Huddersfield’s edges (pat allison, ryoko akama, philip thomas, etc.) with whom I’ll be joining in music by Farmer, Lash, Wolff,  Goldstein, Akama and Holman-Sheard.

Most of which is described in this lovely poster, making this blurb of mine entirely redundant, but hey, it should be a spiffing evening – why not come along?

17th August

Improvised Scores

Linda Kemp has recently been a “spacecadet” and on Saturday 17th August she will present some of her findings (“sounds, sights & sighs of improvisation”, text, paintings, sounds and mental health research), with performances from:

Piggle, Blue Yodel, Lovely Honkey

8pm, the wAVelab, CADS, Snow Lane entrance, S3 7AL, Free entry + BYO



The Bank Street Arts Members Exhibition “Out of Context” runs from 6th August till 24th September.

Resident artist Rachel Smith will use chance procedures to decide where to hang the exhibits.

I‘ll be showing a book of pieces, OUT-OF-DOORS SUITE, that I’ve been collecting together.

These are pieces to be performed (or stuff to think about) whilst out and about walking.

Then on Saturday 24th August at 12pm I’ll be at Bank Street to meet up with anyone who wants to try out one or two of the pieces there and then on the surrounding streets…