Now that I have your attention (yes, the old ones are the best*).

The ever intrepid and extraordinary Exaudi are launching a new CD, Exposure on the HCR label on Saturday 4th May at the Only Connect Theatre, in that London.

You may find more info here.

The CD features music by a number of composers closely associated with the group, Joanna Bailie, Aaron Cassidy (who also acted as sharp-eared producer), Richard Glover, Bryn Harrison, Claudia Molitor, James Weeks (the group’s indefatigable director), and six pieces from my (never ending) collection of Jandl Songs.

The event will feature music by Aaron Cassidy, Evan Johnson, Matthew Shlomowitz, James Weeks, and myself.

(*The title of James’ piece and the concert.)



Phew, well that was Expedition part 4.

Many thanks my fellow travellers Gerald, Cathy, Nathan, Gill, Mike, and Linda, to Scott McLaughlin for his Resonant Systems, and Nathan Bettany for whirring and sellotaping beyond the call of duty.

Evidence of this and previous walks can be viewed for the next week or so at Bank Street.

And here are some sounds from last Friday.

Coming soon, the fifth and final part…

On sledge & horseback to outcast Siberian lepers

18th May, 11am, Walk

24th May, 8pm, Performance