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So then, it’s been a month since the event itself and it’s your last chance to catch the exhibition today (hurry!).

High time to report back on the main activity I was involved in – huge thanks to all involved:

The Twelve Collective

Task: find 12 gigs, one for each of the postcodes S1 to S12 on 12/12/12

S1Katherine Jenkins at City Hall

Report: No record of performance received yet.

S2Kimmy Yeah secret gig at Portland Works

Report: CANCELLED due to illness

Kimmy Yeah play jerky fast music for you to enjoy. Their debut album, Yan Tan Tethera, is due for release in February 2013.


S3The Noise Upstairs feat. Hervé Perez at The Riverside

Report: CANCELLED by venue.

The Noise Upstairs has been an institution dedicated to the practice of improvised music since 2007. It runs regular monthly events in Manchester and Sheffield, has hosted a number of creative workshops, invited a variety of local and international improv musicians to perform in both cities, and has even recently started supporting musicians as a small artist-centric label.


S4Heptane Chess Under Railway bridge on Furnival Road.

Report: Twelve 12-note rows by Schoenberg, Webern, Berg, Ligeti, Young, Coltrane, Lutyens, Harvey, Mozart, Stravinsky, Nono, Stockhausen. Audio.


S5Stephen Chase at Parson Cross Park

Report: Michael Parsons’ Pentachordal Melody performed on the occasion of the composer’s 74th birthday. Audio.


S6Loxley Silver Band Action for Children carol concert at Knowle Top Chapel

Report: See accompanying poster.


S7Philip Thomas

Netheredge bus stop

Report: Message received by phone: “Concert took place under lamppost in Netheredge S7 opposite oxfam by bus stop 4.40-5.00pm. Music for toy piano by john cage and improvisations by philip thomas.”

Philip Thomas specialises in performing new and experimental music, including both notated and improvised music. He is a regular pianist with leading experimental music group Apartment House, with whom he has performed in festivals across the UK and Europe. He has also performed in duos with Ian Pace (piano duet and two pianos) and James Saunders (electronics) and with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.


S8 – Members of The Hunter Gracchus in Heeley District.

Report: CANCELLED due to inclement traffic recording their attempt to find 12 thruppenny bits in 12 minutes.

a rallying point for musicians with a similar commitment to what they see as a radical tradition of Northern English folk art’ The Wire magazine


S9Cathy Soreny in Darnall

Report: 12 objects making 12 audio recordings via contact mic and iPhone, and 12 videos via a mystery magic tube and iPhone, Each clip 12 seconds long. See Video 12x12x12 on 12/12/12


S10The Payroll Union, above Western Park.

Report: “…And lo, at the hour of noon, did the heavens part above Weston Park and there it is said, Joseph Smith did appear in a blazing yet foggy vision to the assembled joggers, doggers, and clog walkers … And there was a twanglin’ and a thumpin’ and a hollerin’ which sounded remarkably like up-and-coming local band The Payroll Union. And the people stood agape in astonishment and wonder … So it was told to your humble scribe on the twelfth day of the month of December in the year of our Lord, 2012.” [Manuscript incomplete]


S11The Bob Loblaw Orchestra & Chorus on Hunters Bar Roundabout.

Report: 1812 Overture by Tchiakowsky at 12 minutes to midnight. Audio clip


S12Sam D. Waddy @ Birley Wood Golf Course.

Report: No record of performance received as yet. Due to perform one woman show, “Pour Some Sugar on Me: The songs of Def Leppard”.


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