Here be dragons




I will undertake a series of 4 or 5 walks in Sheffield each of which will follow the outline of a famous expeditionary route

(for example, those taken by Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Zheng He, Francis Drake/Henry Morton Stanley, Alexander von Humboldt, Freya Stark)


The walks are documented using various means

(photography, sound recording, film, anthropological/meteorological/geological field notes, diary entries, poems, drawings, sketches, etc.


I invite you to join with me on these walks, recording the event in your own way


This material is assembled into a collage and exhibited.


This collage acts as a map/guide/instructions/score/stimulus for a performance by me at Bank Street Arts with guests (musicians, artists, writers) in which the walk and aspects of the voyage it is based upon are reinterpreted.


These materials and experiences then in turn form the basis of audio/visual material for a set of (mis)guided tours from Bank Street out into the city.


The preliminary dates for the performances are: 7th December, 1st February, 8th March12th April and 24th May with the walks taking place on the weekend preceding each performance. Your participation in any one or more of these walks is welcome.


An attempt to see, hear, and feel the effects of the city as if it were newly discovered.

Thoughts about light, acoustics, architecture, natural sciences, anthropology, history.

I want to open up these ideas to collaboration, improvisation and the mess of the world.