September Songs

Coming Soon...

Next month sees the ever excellent Exaudi in Cyprus doing a selection from my ongoing series of Jandl Songs at the Pharos Festival on Sunday 11th alongside pieces by Cage, Aperghis, Fox, Skempton, Cardew, Amber Priestley, Dmitri Kourliandski and Evis Sammoutis.

Meanwhile, in Sheffield…

Three gigs to mention:

Monday 5th September: Mick Beck [bassoon/sax/etc.], Martin Archer [woodwind, etc.], and me [guitar and things] Notes & Sounds at the Red Deer. £3/2

Wednesday 14th September: Martin Archer [iPad (TM)] and me [miscellaneous items] The Noise Upstairs, at the Riverside. Free

Saturday 24th September: a septet featuring Martin Archer & Chris Bywater [electronics], Sarah Henderson & Angie Rosenfeld [cellos], Johnny Hunter [drums], Neil Carver & me [guitars], with film from Bo Meson, at the Showroom Cinema.