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James Saunders CD

Detail from Wall Drawing 305 by Sol LeWitt - photo by Will Reynolds
Detail from Wall Drawing 305 by Sol LeWitt - photo by Will Reynolds

Another Timbre (the excellent label run by Simon Reynell) is releasing a CD featuring six pieces from James SaundersSol LeWitt inspired series divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole on 11th July.

although it may appear to vary by the way in which units are joined, the piece James wrote for me to play using guitar, melodica, radio and some pencils, is featured alongside performances from such excellent people as Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Edges Ensemble, Tim Parkinson, Philip Thomas and James himself.

Well worth checking out too will be the other items in this batch of another timbre releases of improvised and composed work by the likes of Jez riley French, Daniel Jones & Ivan Palacky, Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford, Kostis Kilymis, and Anett Németh.

And, as I hadn’t mentioned it here before, still available is another another timbre CD to which I make a minor contribution tucked away amongst Edges Ensemble: Michael Pisaro – Fields Have Ears containing stunning performances from Philip Thomas, ably supported on one of the tracks, fields have ears 4, by Edges Ensemble, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes and Dominic Lash.


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