Whirling, hurling, etc.

So, that was the fourth of four, here’s what we did…


23 June 2010, Bank Street Arts and beyond

Ross Parfitt, Johnny Herbert, Ben Isaacs, Steve Chase

G.Douglas BARRETT A Few Silence

Alvin LUCIER Heavier than air (balloons)

Stephen Chase – Stranger than friction (more balloons)

Das Ohr/The Ear (megaphone & amplified table)

Bank Street Songs (for trumpets, horns and multi-storey car park, with water bombs hurled courtesy of Ross and NCP)

Ineluctable (for hands, ears and air vents)

Das Ohr pt. 2 (for megaphone and architecture)

Manfred WERDER – 2010(1) (as realised by Johnny and Ben in the courtyard of the Magistrates Court)

Chase – No title; this isn’t it either (slight return) (feedback generators)

Forest scene with canopies (animal sounds in a market place)

John LELY Symphony No. 4 ‘the great outdoors’ (synchronised sounds in Exchange St)

Chase – Cave Music (or some gratuitous note spinning) (for whirled instruments)

Michael PARSONSEcho Piece (at the canal boatyard, Victoria Quays)


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