strange loops and killer drumkits

Phew, I think we got away with it.

Here’s what we did:

I am a strange loop

“I am a strange loop” 19 May, Bank Street Arts

Tom JOHNSON Rational Melodies I and X (uke)

Ross PARFITT six six things 6 for henri vaxby by john lely by seth kim-cohen (premiere; 6 guitars with loops. Thanks to Jon Collin, James Green, Joe Kudirka and Jon Marshall for joining Ross and me on geetahs)

Seth KIM-COHEN Forever Got Shorter (from a t-shirt of the same name) (premiere; Huge thanks to David Cecil for mighty work on enabling Ross to risk life and limb in the service of art: see a clip here)

Stephen CHASE – People in Glass Houses (premiere; stones & organ)

Tom JOHNSON – Rational Melody III (melodica)

John LELY Symphony No.3 The Parsons Code for Melodic Contours (Thanks to Dr Lely for joining Ross (reed organ) and me (melodica) on bass melodica)

More to come on 23rd June

the great outdoors…near and far…echoing spaces…bat sonar…rambling…doppler…reflection…architecture…bus routes…

Including music by Michael PARSONS, John LELY, Alvin LUCIER and, as they say, much much more.

Hope to see you there

“I am a strange loop”

Well, in case you need cheering up after the mess of last night…

it’s time to announce that it’s quickly coming around to the third stage of my residency at Bank Street Arts on 19th May.

For this event we’ll have the next installment of my durational piece “…rise and go…” during the day, and in the evening new things from the illustrious Ross Parfitt and myself, plus music by the indescribable John Lely who is in Sheffield for this and for performances at the Site Gallery’s Sol le Witt exhibition (see previous entry for details). More details soon.

… rational melodies … feedback loops … parsons codes … self-similarity … chaos … discipline … anything … everything … nothing … a genial taprooms … a parasol emoting … rotaplane amigos … aeolian rag stomp … omoplate sarangi … postal ergomania … art poison agleam … loopiest anagram …

although it may appear…

I’ll be performing James Saunders‘ terrific new piece although it may appear to vary by the way in which units are joined for the second time at the Site Gallery this coming Saturday, 8th May, alongside Manfred Werder and Huddersfield’s Edges Ensemble performing some Werder music.

It’s part of a series of what look to be excellent events organised by Philip Thomas as part of a surely unmissable exhibition of Sol le Witt books. Also featured will be Kunsu Shim, Gerhard Staebler, Anton Lukoszevieze and John Lely (the last of whom will also be featured at the next two of my Bank Street events on 19 May and 23 June — more details on that to follow soon).