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“Quiet, You!”

Here’s the programme for tomorrow night:

“Quiet, You!”

21 April, 8pm

Stephen Chase: Ukelelevent 3 for Alison Knowles (2009) PREMIERE

Laurence CRANE: Guitar Prelude (2007)

Jennifer WALSHE: This is why people O.D. on pills (2007)

Juerg FREY: Relikt (1987) PREMIERE

Stephen Chase: Banjolely (2009)

James SAUNDERS: although it may appear to vary by the way in which units are joined (2009-10) PREMIERE

James WEEKS: Digger (2010) PREMIERE

Michael PARSONS: Guitar Piece for Peter Cusack (1982)

Michael PISARO: la voix qui dit (2005)

Chico MELLO: Do lado do dedo (1986)

Performers: Stephen Chase, Ross Parfitt, Joe Kudirka

Bank Street Arts


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