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Phew, well, first one down, three more to go. Some reflections on the installation piece to come soon.

For the next event I’m currently learning two excellent new pieces especially written for me by two of the best composers of the “up-and-coming generation”.

The first is by James Saunders: although it may appear to vary by the way in which units are joined; which is part of his series divisions that could be autonomous but which comprise the whole. (Look out for Philip Thomas’s forthcoming series of curated concerts in conjunction with the Sol le Witt exhibition at the Site Gallery, where some more of this modular series will be featured along with all kinds of other good stuff).

The second of which (received just last week) is by James Weeks, (also known as a conductor of the BCMG through to New London Chamber Choir, and his own extraordinary Exaudi), and goes by the much simpler to remember title of Digger.

Both pieces extend the idea of just what a piece for guitar might be in unusual ways (you’ll have to come to the gig to find out how!).

I’ll also be giving the premiere of Jürg Frey‘s Relikt, a piece he wrote in the late 1980s but still quite characteristic of his intensive focus on qualities of sounds in relation to silences.

Various other odd things too. More details soon.


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