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the plan…

Hello again,

Well it’s a month till the first events of my Bank Street residency kick off so I thought I’d better give a brief outline of what’s going to be happening first:

The piece I’m making for the residency is a kind of performed sound installation which I will do on four occasions during the day before each of the evening events (25 March, 21 April, 19 May, 23 June) and each time I plan to make a newly adapted version in response to my experience of the space.

I find myself increasingly thinking about ways of drawing attention to the relationship between sounds, actions and the places in which they are performed, and treating the work I do as an open collaborative process.

In this piece I want to explore these thoughts by placing myself in the gallery for a durational performance in which the actions I make are the sources of the sounds heard but disconnected and distributed about the rooms of Bank Street Arts through the use of lo-fi technology; from which an attempted reconnection of these elements – as filtered through the galleries – is made.

The evening events each present brand new and classic work by leading and up-and-coming sound artists and composers which I feel relates directly or more broadly to the ideas orbiting the installation piece and my work as a whole. The concerts include music for everyday objects, experimental guitar music, conceptual music and performance pieces, and sound art which draws attention to the acoustics of the galleries and the surrounding streets.

House Music
25 March 2010
Everyday household items, a sonic exploration of the house, rooms within rooms within rooms, the stuff of domestic nightmares… (feat. music by Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger, Tim Parkinson, Jennifer Walshe)

“Quiet, You!”
21 April 2010
Music of intimate nearness, wandelweiser silence, and raucous Brazilian buzz (feat. music by Jürg Frey, James Saunders, James Weeks, Laurence Crane, Chico Mello, Jennifer Walshe, Michael Pisaro)

“I am a strange loop”
19 May 2010
Feedback loops, self-similarity, rational melodies, platonic ideal crashes up against physical fact (feat. music by Seth Kim-Cohen, Ross Parfitt, Christian Wolff)

23 June 2010
Near and far, bat sonar, architecture, nooks and crannies, taking a line for a walk, the great outdoors… (feat. music by Alvin Lucier, John Lely, Michael Parsons)


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