2. WHAT?

Selected pieces (with some scores)

I am, a stride at a time

hic sunt dracones

jandl songs


Jandl Songs (2007- ) cycle in progress (28 songs so far) for at least 4 voices [ca. 1hr]. Premièred variously in parts: by Exaudi, tonguestuff, members of CoMA. Five songs recorded by Exaudi on HCR06CD. ‘lohengrin’ commissioned for the CoMA Partsong Book. 

Pakopa Piece (2015) SATBx2 [12′] Commissioned by DAR and SAM for Brevis Choir. FP of 1st version: Brevis Choir/G. Venislovas, 25-vii-15, Šv. Jonų bažnyčia, Vilnius. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

Six pieces (2006-18) any voices (Wet Glassescan’t sayTwo Flaubert Songsen medias res, Elephant Round) [SCORES 1 2 3]

Assommons les pauvres (2006) SATBx12 [5’]. SPNM commission. FP: BBC Singers/James Morgan (cond), 11-vi-2006, Wilton’s Music Hall, Spitalfields Festival, London. Recorded by the BBC for future broadcast.


i ngleann an chroí (in progress) flute, string trio and piano
reversals in each moment (in progress) piano and violin and cello and
“…when you touch its teeth” (in progress) for Tone-Bursting duo

5 simple pieces (2018) for 2 violins, viola and cello

I kept two windows lit till three (2017) two similar instruments/ensembles (separated by a lake, a valley, a wall…)

Baldessari unisons (2017) flexible ensemble

I saw these gaps of explanation rolling like wheels contrary within themselves, alien motions on fire with coriolis demeanour (2014) wandering string quartet [15′]. Written for Bozzini Quartet’s Composers Kitchen. FPs: Quatuor Bozzini, 17-vi-14, JMC, Montréal; 28-xi-14, hcmf, Huddersfield Town Hall. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

The Esk nr Middleholms (2012) 2 natural horns with rowboat across water

No title 3 (2011) 4 or more performers, whirling tubes, whistling, resonant spaces. FP: Ian Baxter, David Devaney, Ross Parfitt and Stephen Chase, 18-vi-2011, Bank St Arts, Sheffield.

No title; this isn’t it either 2 (2010) a number of people in a large public space with megaphones. FP: members & associates of Ensemble Zwischentöne with Otto Beck’s Orchester für Direkte Demokratie, 11-xii-2010, Schloßplatz, Berlin. [FILM]

No title; this isn’t it either (2010) 3 performers with portable feedback devices, monitors and architecture [ca.10′]. FP: Ross Parfitt, Philip Thomas, Stephen Chase, 25-iii-2010, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. [LISTEN]

harmoniphon vexed (2009) melodicas. FP: music we’d like to hear, 10-vii-15, St Mary-at-Hill, London. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

Landscape (with string quartet & passers-by) (2009) installation for string quartet [45’]

ukelelevents (2007-14) 10 pieces for ukuleles &c. FPs: UKALULI & Banjolely – ‘Music We’d Like to Hear’, 1-vii-09, St Anne & St Agnes, London; Ukelelevent #3 for Alison Knowles – Joe Kudirka, Ross Parfitt, Stephen Chase, 21-iv-2010, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield; ukleelele – ‘Quiet You TWO’, 26-v-17, Linda Kemp, Nathan Bettany, Stephen Chase, La Biblioteka, Sheffield. [LISTEN] [SCORES]

Warp & Weft (2007) improvising ensemble. FP: Damo Suzuki & The Gated Community, 15-xi-2007, Bar Abbey, Sheffield. [SCORE]

second ensemble song (2006) 4+clarinets and 3 percussionists (friction sounds) [11’30”] [SCORE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]

every.thought.should.recall.the.debris.of.a.smile (2004/WITHDRAWN) cl.egtr.vc.pf.vib/per [11’]. Commissioned by hcmf for Apartment House. FP: Apartment House, 24-xi-2004, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

Vexifications (2004) 3 melody instruments and 1 or more harmony instruments. FP: Students of Sheffield University, 6-vi-07, St John’s Church, Ranmoor, Sheffield.

Feld Music (2003) flexible ensemble. FP: CoMA Yorkshire Ensemble/John Habron (dir.), 12-vii-03, St Thomas’ Church, Huddersfield.

Trio: Avrupalilastirilamiyanlardanmisiniz? (2003) cello, piano, percussion [8’]. FP: Apartment House, 25-xi-2003, hcmf, Huddersfield. 1st prize Yorkshire Young Composers’ Competition. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

DUET (2002) clarinet & cello and/or 3 percussionists [11’]. SPNM Shortlist.

Side/Walk/Shuffle (2001) string quartet(s) [7′ or more] [SCORE]. SPNM Shortlist.

love of the clear dark (1999) ob.cl.vn.va.pf [8’]. Commissioned by Sheffield Music School. FP: students of Sheffield Music School, 10-xii-99, Bannerdale Centre, Sheffield.

Nocturne (after De Selby) (1999) fl.ob.bcl-hn.tpt.tbn.tba-pf-2vn.vc.cb [3½’] [SCORE]

Blurred Visions (1997-98) flexible ensemble (SATB ranges) [7’]. FP: members of CoMA and London Sinfonietta/Simon Foxley (dir.), ‘State-of-the-nation’, 21-ii-98, Purcell Room, London.

Movement (1997) flute & cello [6’] [SCORE]

Text pieces

Galileo (2010-13) for sliding instruments [SCORES 1A 1B 2A 2B 3A 3B 4A 4B]

A Book of Actions:

  • People in Glass Houses (2004) 1 or more performers. Requested by Apartment House for a ‘Rock Concert’. FP: Ross Parfitt and Stephen Chase, 19-v-10, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.
  • Scissors Paper Stone (2004) 2 or more performers. FP: Inlets Ensemble, 26-ix-15, Miami, Florida. [LISTEN]
  • Wet Glasses (2006) 3 or more voices
  • Variation on a Theme by John Lely (2008) any instrument(s) (with earphones & soundfiles)
  • Ineluctable (2009) text piece. FP: (version for performer and audience) 25-vi-2010, Premier Inn goods entrance, Bank Street, Sheffield [SCORE]
  • Feet. Can’t. Fail. (2009) any performers
  • “This is called ‘The View from the Balcony’, you can download a copy for your own personal use whenever you want” (2010) any instruments/sound sources
  • Bas & Busby Fall Out (2011) 2 or more people
  • ((schmetterling)) (2011) text piece [SCORE]
  • Deerstalker (2011) text piece
  • san sukumi ken (2011/13) 2 or 3 people
  • Baldessari’s Harmonies (2012) 2-6 performers [24’]
  • Close your eyes and sing (2014) 1 or more performers [SCORE]
  • can’t say (2016) 1 or more voices: FP: 20-x-16, Bank St Arts, Sheffield.
  • Two Flaubert Songs (2016) 2 or more voices
  • with noise of spheres metallic and burnished (2016) performers/dark/light/sound/space [SCORE]
  • library music (2017) 1 or more people with book(s). Published in Route57 #13.  [SCORE]
  • tootings (2017)
  • en medias res (2018) FP: with Nathan Bettany and a cast of thousands, 3-ii-2018, Sheffield.


music for teeny duchamp (2010- ) toy piano(s) (and/or other small keyboards)

room (~2009/18) toy piano and assistant(s)

feet.can’t.fail. (slight return) (2017) solo flutist. Contribution to ‘Coming up for Air‘. FP: Kathryn Williams, 21-ii-2018, Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool.

Signatures of all things I am here to read (1st version) (2017) for one (or more) in space(s). FP of 1st version: 1-iv-2017, Sheffield.

INTERIOR LIGHTING (2010- ) material for guitar [LISTEN]

Piano Dances (2007-08) solo piano [14’] Commissioned by Philip Thomas. FP: 25-i-2008, Persistence Works, Sheffield. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

Noise is kinder (2001) prepared piano [5’] Commissioned by Philip Thomas. FP: 9-ii-2001, Mappin Gallery, Sheffield. [SCORE]


I am getting on nicely in the dark (2016) for performer with audience of one. For WROUGHT festival. First performances: 15 to 17-iv-2016, Sheffield.

A gate, if not a door (2011-) text-sculpture-sound materials for an installation. FP: contribution to ‘Quadrophonic’ group exhibition with Ian Baxter, David Devaney and Ross Parfitt, 24-v to 18-vi-11, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

“…rise and go…” (2010) installation/durational performance. FP: iii to vi-2010, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

Combiné 3 [KINO] (2006) actor, instruments, live electronics [12’] SPNM commission. FP: Sound Intermedia, Tim Gill, Clive Williamson, Anthony Shuster, 13-v-2006, LSO St Luke’s, London.

The Bucketrider (2003) devised music theatre (4 actors, cl/bcl, vc, lighting) [7’] Commissioned by SPNM. FP: acting students from Rose Bruford College, F.Cross (cl), M.Atkinson (vc), 21-x-2003, Rose Theatre, Sidcup.


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