2. WHAT?

Selected pieces (with some scores)

Voices  |  Ensemble  |  Word scores  |  Solo  |  Installation/Theatre/Other

Work series:   I am, a stride at a time   |  expedition   |  jandl songs

A list of individual pieces in reverse date order


barometrographia [out-of-doors suite]

reversals in each moment [work-in-progress for piano and violin and cello and]


for viola

haus [at least 4 voices]

..– [at least 4 voices]

brancusi [2 (or 3) x 2 voices]

Signatures of all things I am here to read (pocketsized version) [person/people and environment]

always/immer [at least 4 voices]

Das Ohr [4 voices + ancillary items]

good luck [2 chorus groups]

5 simple pieces [2 violins, viola and cello]

Elephant Round [voices]


why2 [audience participation and/or film installation]

…when you touch its teeth [piano + simple electronics]

feet.can’t.fail (slight return) [flutist]

auf dem land [3, 4, 6, or 12 voices]

I kept two windows lit till three [two similar instruments/ensembles (separated by a lake, a valley, a wall…)]

tootings for Mick Beck

Baldessari unisons [ensemble]

gaited commune [out-of-doors suite]

dingfest [a. at least 3 voices, or b. 3+ voices simultaneous performance with thingsure]

thingsure [a. solo/unison voice(s), b. solo voice simultaneous with performance of dingfest]

room (~2009/2017) [toy piano and assistant(s)]

leuchten [4 or more voices]

for leonora carrington (limits of the diaphane) [performer(s) and audience]

library music [for 1 or more people with books]


the wind will take us [out-of-doors suite]

with noise of spheres metallic and burnished [performers/dark/light/space]

bach/brook [4 voices]

Two Flaubert Songs [any voices]

航海家 [out-of-doors suite]

mes kopiame aukstyn [out-of-doors suite]

A journey around my room [chamber music (participatory installation & performance)]

Whistle while you walk [out-of-doors suite]

can’t say [any voices]

I am getting on nicely in the dark [for performer and audience of one] 20-30min


Bounder [out-of-doors suite]

Gravity Phases [out-of-doors suite]

katajjaq akkulaitok [out-of-doors suite]

Voigt-Kampff Walk [out-of-doors suite]

Plane, Bob, Wander [out-of-doors suite]

Airs [out-of-doors suite]

39 steps [out-of-doors suite]

Caravan Wave [out-of-doors suite]

Caravan (rising) [out-of-doors suite]

Caravan Cascade [out-of-doors suite]

Walkie, Talkie [out-of-doors suite]

re-call-re-frain [out-of-doors suite]

der hauch (geraucht) [solo voice + 3 or more voices]

Pakopa Piece [SATBx2] 12min

lohengrin [2 groups of spatially separated voices] c.7min

Preamble [out-of-doors suite]

Another Johnny Cash Machine [out-of-doors suite]


Close your eyes and sing [1 or more performers]

BIRDCALLS [out-of-doors suite]

ringing singing cycling [out-of-doors suite]

points on the curve [out-of-doors suite]

the drifters [out-of-doors suite]

I saw these gaps of explanation rolling like wheels contrary within themselves, alien motions on fire with coriolis demeanour [wandering string quartet] 15min

lights out for the territory [out-of-doors suite]

BEAMING [out-of-doors suite]

tutti / alla deriva / nello spazio [out-of-doors suite]

Spring Waves [out-of-doors suite]

Ukleelele [3 or more performers with ukuleles & fishing line]


Galileo 4B [4 performers with 2 sliding instruments, 2 movable light sources]

Cross purposes II [out-of-doors suite]

Cross purposes [out-of-doors suite]

Два бубњара бубњање [out-of-doors suite]

Rumour tunes [out-of-doors suite]

Ukeles [ukuleles and ad hoc materials]

On sledge and horseback to outcast Siberian lepers [walk-installation-performance, EXPEDITION part 1e]

Humboldt ventures in the Equinoctial regions [walk-installation-performance, EXPEDITION part 1d]

Stanley meets Livingstone [walk-installation-performance, EXPEDITION part 1c]

Zheng He sails the Western Oceans [walk-installation-performance, EXPEDITION part 1b]


wandeling buurt van water musiek [out-of-doors suite]

Ibn Fadlan encounters the Vikings [walk-installation-performance, EXPEDITION part 1a]

Baldessari’s Harmonies [2-6 performers] 24min

pulse-in-time-to-pace-of-walking [out-of-doors suite]

tuning call 2 [out-of-doors suite]

humming & walking [out-of-doors suite]

ella… [out-of-doors suite]

phoning it in [out-of-doors suite]

Yodel Walk [out-of-doors suite]

tuning call 1 [out-of-doors suite]

Weather Report [out-of-doors suite]

Weather Report 2 [out-of-doors suite]

Skyline Music [out-of-doors suite]

Galileo 4A [4 performers, 2 sliding instruments, 2 movable light sources]

Galileo 2B [2 or more sliding, sustaining instruments]

Instep [out-of-doors suite]

Fred & Ginger Piece [out-of-doors suite]

Taking a walk for a line [out-of-doors suite]

Resound [out-of-doors suite]

piece-in-time-to-pace-of-walking [out-of-doors suite]

(tunnel walk) [out-of-doors suite]

RAYUELA [out-of-doors suite]

The Esk nr Middleholms [2 natural horns with rowboat across water]

Galileo 3B [2 or more performers with sustaining instruments]

Galileo 3A [1 or more performers with sliding, sustaining instruments]


Bas & Busby Fall Out [2 or more people]

Galileo 1B [2 or more sliding, sustaining instruments]

Deerstalker [text piece]

san sukumi ken [2 or 3 people]

No title 3 [4 or more performers, whirling tubes, whistling, resonant spaces]

als ich nach haus kam [4 voices]

Brucie’s Double [ukuleles in a public space]

Galileo 2A [2 or more sliding, sustaining instruments]

a gate, if not a door [text-sculpture-sound]

Table Manners (after Laurie Anderson) [text piece]

Walk Now Man [out-of-doors suite]

La-la-la walk [out-of-doors suite]

humming piece [out-of-doors suite]

((schmetterling)) [text piece]

Cream Tart [out-of-doors suite]

Running & Whistling [out-of-doors suite]

the thinking of the tympanic [out-of-doors suite]


No title; this isn’t it either 2 [a number of people in a large public space with megaphones]

my real-time dappled logic wanted to apologise [material for guitar]

Galileo 1A [2 or more sliding, sustaining instruments]

No title; this isn’t it either [3 performers with portable feedback devices, monitors and architecture] ca.10min

“…rise and go…” [installation/durational performance]

“This is called ‘The View from the Balcony’, you can download a copy for your own personal use whenever you want” [any instruments/sound sources]

music for teeny duchamp [toy piano(s) and/or other small keyboards]


glass [solo voice and 3+ other voices]

harmoniphon vexed [melodicas]

Feet. Can’t. Fail. [any performers]

Landscape (with string quartet & passers-by) [installation for string quartet] 45min

Ukulalien [prepared ukuleles]

Banjolely [ukuleles]

ELELEKUSHUN [ukuleles]

for g org s p r c, uk l l v nt #4 [ukuleles]

Ukelelevent #3 for Alison Knowles [ukuleles +]

UKALULI [ukuleles, voices, cassettes/radios]

Ineluctable [text piece]


why can i not [at least 4 voices]

Variation on a Theme by John Lely [any instrument(s) with soundfiles]

trost in wolken [at least 4 voices]

the speciality of the house [4 voices]

Piano Dances [solo piano] 14min


liegen, bei dir [at least 4 voices]

ach, und ich dachte [any voices]

im park [at least 4 voices]

mein [4 voices]

bericht über malmö [4 voices]

suchen wissen [4 voices]

lied/song [at least 2 voices]

ein gleiches [solo and 3+ voices]

ein gleiches [solo and 3+ voices]

oberflächenübersetzung [4 voices]

wrong [at least 4 voices]

anotherjohnwhitediscounttakeoff [1 or more ukuleles]

Warp & Weft [improvising ensemble]


Wet Glasses [any voices]

Assommons les pauvres [24 voices] 5min

second ensemble song [4+ clarinets and 3 percussionists (friction sounds)] 11min30


Vexifications [3 melody instruments and 1 or more harmony instruments]

Scissors Paper Stone [2 or more performers]

People in Glass Houses [1 or more performers]


The Bucketrider [devised music theatre (4 actors, clarinet/bass clarinet, cello, lighting)] 7min

Trio: Avrupalilastirilamiyanlardanmisiniz? [cello, piano, percussion] 8min

Feld Music [flexible ensemble]


DUET [clarinet & cello and/or 3 percussionists] 11min


Side/Walk/Shuffle [string quartet(s)] 7min or more

Noise is kinder [prepared piano] 5min


love of the clear dark [ob cl vn va pf] 8min

Nocturne (after De Selby) [fl, ob, bcl, hn, tpt, trb, tba, pf, 2vn, vc, cb] 3½min


Blurred Visions [flexible ensemble (with SATB ranges)] 7min


Movement [flute & cello] 6min


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