6.h. Installation/Theatre/Other

My two feet in his boots are at the end of his legs (2019) Two people, a table, a dividing screen, identical sets of bells (or other), and possible other items.

A journey around my room (2016) participatory installation/performances

I am getting on nicely in the dark (2016) for performer with audience of one. For WROUGHT festival. FP: 15 to 17-iv-2016, Sheffield.

EXPEDITION (2012-13) walks/installations/performances in 5 episodes

A gate, if not a door (2011-) text-sculpture-sound materials for an installation. FP: contribution to ‘Quadrophonic’ group exhibition with Ian Baxter, David Devaney and Ross Parfitt, 24-v to 18-vi-11, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

“…rise and go…” (2010) installation/durational performance. FP: iii to vi-2010, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

Combiné 3 [KINO] (2006) actor, instruments, live electronics [12’] SPNM commission. FP: Sound Intermedia, Tim Gill, Clive Williamson, Anthony Shuster, 13-v-2006, LSO St Luke’s, London.

The Bucketrider (2003) devised music theatre (4 actors, cl/bcl, vc, lighting) [7’] Commissioned by SPNMFP: acting students from Rose Bruford College, F.Cross (cl), M.Atkinson (vc), 21-x-2003, Rose Theatre, Sidcup.