6.e. Ensemble pieces

music for strings & piano (work-in-progress)
síos cosán an tsuain (work-in-progress) simultaneous solos and duos for alto flute, bass clarinet, string trio, percussion and piano/harmonium/harp
The one that looped among islands, and (work-in-progress) large roving ensemble with soloists

like luminous advertisements not quite (work-in-progress) guitars and sustaining/gliding instruments

DUO (am Herzhang) (2020) alto flute & bass clarinet

My two feet in his boots are at the end of his legs (2019) Two people, a table, a dividing screen, identical sets of bells (or other), and possible other items.

Five simple pieces (2018) for 2 violins, viola and cello [SCORE]

I saw these gaps of explanation rolling like wheels contrary within themselves, alien motions on fire with coriolis demeanour (2014) wandering string quartet [15′]. Written for Bozzini Quartet’s Composers Kitchen. FPs: Quatuor Bozzini, 17-vi-14, JMC, Montréal; 28-xi-14, hcmf, Huddersfield Town Hall. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

The Esk nr Middleholms (2012/to be revised) 2 natural horns with rowboat across water

No title 3 (2011) 4 or more performers, whirling tubes, whistling, resonant spaces. FP: Ian Baxter, David Devaney, Ross Parfitt and Stephen Chase, 18-vi-2011, Bank St Arts, Sheffield. [SCORE]

No title; this isn’t it either 2 (2010) a number of people in a large public space with megaphones. FP: members & associates of Ensemble Zwischentöne with Otto Beck’s Orchester für Direkte Demokratie, 11-xii-2010, Schloßplatz, Berlin. [SCORE]

No title; this isn’t it either (2010) 3 performers with portable feedback devices, monitors and architecture [ca.10′]. FP: Ross Parfitt, Philip Thomas, Stephen Chase, 25-iii-2010, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

harmoniphon vexed (2009) melodicas. FP: music we’d like to hear, 10-vii-15, St Mary-at-Hill, London. [LISTEN] [SCORE]

ukelelevents (2007-14) 10 pieces for ukuleles &c. FPs: UKALULI & Banjolely – ‘Music We’d Like to Hear’, 1-vii-09, St Anne & St Agnes, London; Ukelelevent #3 for Alison Knowles – Joe Kudirka, Ross Parfitt, Stephen Chase, 21-iv-2010, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield; ukleelele – ‘Quiet You TWO’, 26-v-17, Linda Kemp, Nathan Bettany, Stephen Chase, La Biblioteka, Sheffield. [LISTEN] [SCORES]

Warp & Weft (2007) improvising ensemble. FP: Damo Suzuki & The Gated Community, 15-xi-2007, Bar Abbey, Sheffield. [SCORE]

second ensemble song (2006) 4+ clarinettists and 3 percussionists (friction sounds) [11’30”] [SCORE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]

every.thought.should.recall.the.debris.of.a.smile (2004/WITHDRAWN) cl.egtr.vc.pf.vib/per [11’]. Commissioned by hcmf for Apartment House. FP: Apartment House, 24-xi-2004, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

Vexifications (2004) 3 melody instruments and 1 or more harmony instruments. FP: Students of Sheffield University, 6-vi-07, St John’s Church, Ranmoor, Sheffield. [SCORE]

Feld Music (2003) flexible ensemble. FP: CoMA Yorkshire Ensemble/John Habron (dir.), 12-vii-03, St Thomas’ Church, Huddersfield.

Trio: Avrupalilastirilamiyanlardanmisiniz? (2003) cello, piano, percussion [8’]. FP: Apartment House, 25-xi-2003, hcmf, Huddersfield. 1st prize Yorkshire Young Composers’ Competition[LISTEN] [SCORE]

DUET (2002) clarinet & cello and/or 3 percussionists [11’]. SPNM Shortlist.

Side/Walk/Shuffle (2001) string quartet(s) [7′ or more] [SCORE]. SPNM Shortlist.

love of the clear dark (1999) ob.cl-vn.va-pf [8’]. Commissioned by Sheffield Music School. FP: students of Sheffield Music School, 10-xii-99, Bannerdale Centre, Sheffield.

Nocturne (after De Selby) (1999) fl.ob.bcl-hn.tpt.tbn.tba-pf-2vn.vc.cb [3½’] [SCORE]

Blurred Visions (1997-98) flexible ensemble (SATB ranges) [7’]. FP: members of CoMA and London Sinfonietta/Simon Foxley (dir.), ‘State-of-the-nation’, 21-ii-98, Purcell Room, London. [SCORE] [LISTEN]

Movement (1997) flute & cello [6’] [SCORE]