New album

lome onpas gitaar 2

I have made an album.

It’s out Friday 7th August.

It has music.*

This music is derived from scores and related things.

These scores and related things are by Angharad Davies, Sarah Hughes, Linda Kemp, Joseph Kudirka, Audra Wolowiec, and me.

I play guitar on it.*




(*Your interpretation of these statements may vary. Emotional responses may go up as well as down. Your eardrums are at risk if you do not protect Ostmann’s pad of fat.)

Midsommer misrah

Things a-happening and in progress this June-time:

An album of things for guitar and similar, lome onpas gitaar, is coming-a-forth. It will contain open ended scores – or things that could be viewed from certain angles as scores – by a number of people. (Another, quite different guitar album is in the works too…) I think I’ll mostly be putting these things up on here:

I wrote a little review of the new Caroline Kraabel & John Edwards album they have made for Cafe Oto’s new Takuroku label, this is up at The Sampler.

Back in January Drei Jandl Gesänge (leuchten–good luck–haus) was given a „Sonderpreis“ from the Kompositionspreis für den Hochschulchor Weimar, (Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar). Which was nice.

Plus I made a small contribution to Eleanor Cully‘s cuckoo project, which should be out soon: room recordings magically transformed by a mysterious process…

A journey around my room (return of the son of)

In these here weirder than weird times I’ve decided, partly as a way to find some focus amidst it all, to revive my project A journey around my room I carried out at Bank Street Arts back in 2016 with contributions from various members of the public, and artists who included Ryoko Akama, Linda Kemp and jez riley french. This version is, of course, presented online. I’ll be posting various iterations over at THIS here site.

Below is the ‘score’ and I invite everyone and anyone to take part – either as a private act for yourself or, if you feel like sharing, by sending me (ajamroom AT gmail DOT com) some kind of documentation to show at the site.

Good luck! and take care on your travels…


Phon Times

Fonning it in

I’m making a piece out of recordings of me doing this in various locations.

If you happen to do this piece* do please let me know, I’d be interested to know how it turns out! My attempts thus far have had me pondering various sociological/ecological/other-ological things…

(*Better still – record it for possible inclusion in said recording.)

Thanking you kindly.


There’s also an ‘orchestral’ version…

symphonic fonning


wile e

A number of things are slowly assembling themselves (scores, books, recordings, unquantifiable phenomena) but as yet are wary of peeking out into the daylight but by way of a brief update, here are a couple of parish notices:

Intrepid flute player Kathryn Williams will release a new disc on HCR/NMC to be launched probably at hcmf this Novemberish. The ‘Coming Up for Air‘ project features a multifarious selection of pieces where the focus is on music made from one breath; my Feet. Can’t. Fail. (slight return) is among them.

I’ve also started up a bandcamp page for to post various recordings, scores and stuff, the first being sounds from eloping tamaraos.

I am circling towards a plan to girdle the earth…


I emerge blinking from hibernation with news of two events forthcoming:

Friday 26th April I’ll be doing some solo jiggerypokery at the Brumtastic Post-Paradise series at Centrala which will also feature turns from Victoria Benito and Lawrence Dunn. The intention, all proceeding well, is to perform a new piece with the above title…

Saturday 18th May with fellow erstwhile piggler Nathan Bettany and percussionist extraordinaire, Walt Shaw, I’ll be performing in conjunction with Paul Dearden & Steve Hudson’s ‘Wood & Stone, Land & Sea’ exhibition at Exchange Place, Sheffield (which runs 3rd to 31st May).

jandling about

nu boz pharm

It’s been a busy few months as I get recalibrated after removing northwards from the field of Shef and crossing the frontier into the Scottish Border lands. Planning is underway for my next activities. But in the meantime…

Elena Biserna’s ‘Walking from Scores’ project continues in Milan at IED this month, which is a growing collection of scores relating to walking which are exhibited and/or workshopped, and includes pieces from out-of-doors suite.

CoMA (Contemporary Music for All) celebrates its 25th anniversary over 22-23 September, with a weekend of activities from their various groups and activities for all comers at St John’s Smith Square. CoMA Voices will sing lohengrin (from the soon-to-be-complete jandl songs) which was commissioned for the CoMA Part Song Book.

And finally, for now: Round about a year ago I recorded Stefan Thut‘s about with Ryoko Akama, Eleanor Cully, Patrick Farmer, lo wie, and Stefan. I’m happy to note this will be released on Yuko Zama’s new Elsewhere label in October.

Signatures of all things I am here to read

Radio 3’s Exposure programme swings into Sheffield on Wednesday 16th May at Picturehouse Social

I shall be assembling Battle of the Planets style with the redoubtable and remarkable Linda Kemp and Nathan Bettany

G Force

Also featured will be the Jim Ghedi trio and Heavy Lifting (aka Lucy Cheeseman)


“BBC Radio 3 Exposure Sheffield
Picture House Social, 8pm, Weds 16th May
Hosted by Late Junction’s Verity Sharp, this night showcases local musicians working in new, experimental and alternative genres. On the bill we have folk guitarist Jim Ghedi, weaving landscape-inspired compositions with his acoustic trio (violin and double bass); also live-coding electronic music from Lucy Cheesman, aka Heavy Lifting; and experimental compositions by Stephen Chase, performing in a trio with Linda Kemp and Nathan Bettany.
Radio 3’s Exposure series is a monthly event showcasing new, experimental and alternative genres of contemporary music. It takes place in a different town or city each month, and aims to present local artists working in contrasting ways. It always features three different artists or groups, and it is hosted onstage by Verity Sharp, one of the presenters of Late Junction on Radio 3.
This concert will be broadcast on Radio 3, in a Late Junction slot at 11pm on the 31st of May. 
Tickets are free and available from Picture House Social”